50 years together

The company under the trade name "MITILINAIOS Bros" was founded in 1962 and despite the natural rotation of the bodies, growing and improving constantly. The company operates in the sector of electrical materials, spare parts (including consumables) and equipment commercial vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery.

Our goal is to offer our customers the most complete line of genuine spare parts of electric and alternative codes for all types of commercial vehicles, making them safer to use and more functional.

Our partnership with more than 100 suppliers from around the world allows us to effectively and timely response to dynamic market needs.


We maintain a large number of stocks which distribute directly to our customers from our 2 stores in Thessaloniki and selected partner stores throughout Greece.

Every day we respond to the needs and pace of demanding professionals. Electricians, engineers, transport companies, wholesale and retail, construction companies, car dealers and individual motorists rely on consistency and credibility, for 50 years.

In addition, multiple service options either by phone, fax, e-mail associated with same-day full consignment through courier agencies or companies even in the most remote parts of Greece

The staff

The staff of MITILINAIOS BROS are absolute connoisseurs of the technical specifications of the individual parts, accessories and equipment. Acting more as technical advisors rather than sellers. They are willing to advise you on the best and most economical solution every time. To solve the problem addressed and ultimately satisfy your every desire for aesthetics or function of your vehicle.

Our vision

To excel by offering excellent technical knowledge with the largest collection of products and solutions in high quality with affordability.