How to order

The products can be purchased in the following ways, choosing one that suits you best:

  1. Through the shop (e-shop):
  2. By calling in number 0030 2310 753 878 or by sending a fax to 0030 2310 753 879.
  3. By visiting one of our two branches in Thessaloniki 159 Monastiriou and 9 Pontou street

      1. MYTILINAIOS e-shop

      For online purchases you should have created a membership account and connect to the online store. (About creating an account you will find the My Account menu). After connecting to the online store you can choose the product you want, and the quantity you want and add it to your basket. The same procedure can be repeated going in all categories and their products, thus gathering in your shopping cart all the items and quantities that you want.

      Your shopping cart located in the top right corner of the page, where you can see every time the total quantity of products you have chosen and the total value (excluding shipping costs). To see the products you have in your shopping cart and make corrections should be pressed in the "My Order". On the page that appears you can edit or give the amount of an item or delete it completely from your order by clicking the red «X» to the right of the total price of each product. To make the changes you need to press "Submit Changes".

      Until the completion of your order or you are disconnected from the online store, the products you have chosen and your changes are kept to your shopping cart and you can navigate back to the store again on your order as many times as you want.

      After completing your selections and you are on the page "My order" to get to the first step of the market must press the button "Order", located on the bottom. In the first step, you must specify if they differ, invoicing details - delivery and other details and press the "Continue" button. In the second step again presented the information you have provided, to confirm. If everything is okay click on "Confirm", else return to the first step for corrections and repeat the previous steps.

      After confirming you reach the last step to complete your order:
      - If you choose to pay by credit card to the page of ALPHA BANK safety to fill in your details. Then pressing the button «Pay» Your order has been successfully completed and a few days of receipt of goods. If your card is not valid you will receive notice and your order will not apply.
      - If you choose cash on delivery will be displayed confirming the successful registration of your order and employee of the company will contact you the next day.

      1. The shipping costs charged to the recipient and are charged directly to your credit card when ordering. More information can be found on Τρόπο Αποστολής.
      2. For purchases over 300 € Ensure the option of paying in 6 installments and mission order is free.
      3. For further details on the online store or information about the status of your order, please call sto phone: 2310 753 878 (Monday-Friday: 8:30 to 19:00 and Saturday: 09:00-14:00 ) or send e-mail:[email protected]